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In-house Design Development

Cost Savings

Faster Building Time



Working together with you and the architectural designer from the very beginning, your home design is created under the direction of Elite to insure that your home’s budget is respected.  Elite can make recommendations throughout the plan development process to enhance your home’s design and livability that also save you money during the construction phase.

Elite uses in-house construction of building components such as cabinets, iron and wood doors, iron light fixtures and stair railings.

Rather than relying on outside companies to build components like cabinets and doors, Elite uniquely designs those components to your specifications and builds them in-house to offer you considerable flexibility, high-quality products and increased cost savings.

For example, if you have a dining table you wish to use in your new home, Elite will handcraft a matching built-in buffet cabinet to fit perfectly in a niche.  If you have a magazine picture of a stunning entry light fixture, Elite’s iron craftsmen can hand-forge an affordable original and unique design to the exact proportions suitable for your home.

Elite is proud to offer in-house production of many of your home’s key components such as cabinetry, millwork and iron elements.  These finish trades represent hand-crafted quality and honed skills passed down from generation to generation.

Throughout each stage, company employees are focused on one goal: providing you with a home that offers a sense of pride as well as value.

Elite knows you are looking for a home that is a reflection of your unique personality and lifestyle.  We provide unique one-of-a-kind designs in iron and wood doors, light fixtures, stair railings and cabinets to fit your unique taste and lifestyle.



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