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Your home is built by a team of skilled craftsmen who are actual employees of our company 

No “outsourcing”

Elite employs specialists in every field from site work to framing to hand-crafted cabinets and hand-forged iron

Elite respects the work of your Architect

Elite subscribes to the latest Green Building techniques

Elite uses fully integrated process that results in reduced administrative and overhead costs


Elite’s method of home construction is unique in present-day home building.  But this concept has actually been around for hundreds of years.  Historically, a master builder formed a team of dedicated craftsmen and that team constructed the home from start to finish.

Today, most custom homes are an orchestrated group effort of individual sub-contractors.  Each contractor must be scheduled in advance and wait their turn to work on your home.  Poor communication and missed schedules cost you time and money.

Contrastingly, our Elite team utilize a seamless "next step" process that eliminates long delays between specialists' work. Equally important to you is the elimination of frustration and stress that commonly accompany the custom building process.  You know who is working on your home and when.  With one-stop accountability, you can be confident that your best interests are respected by the team with whom you’ve placed your trust.

Today’s market is one of volatile material costs and skilled labor shortages. Elite does not rely on outside subcontractors to build your home. Their team of employees building your home is “on-the-job” day in and day out for a smooth flow of construction from one phase to the next.  More effective and efficient construction results in a shorter overall construction time and an on-time completion of your home. Elite keeps a steady eye on their suppliers for the best prices and kindly passes those savings onto you.

Elite employs trained, licensed and skilled craftsmen for each important step in your home building process.  Specialists in the core component crafts such as laying the foundation, framing and rough plumbing lay the complicated groundwork for their fellow craftsmen in the finish trades.  As your home progresses through each critical phase, you can have confidence in knowing each step is conducted by craftsmen committed to the overall quality of your home.

Green building components are used throughout your home such as sustainable lumber and recycled cotton insulation.  These materials and earth-friendly elements like radiant-barrier roofing, hydronic radiant flooring and tankless water heaters provide you with a home that is not only comfortable but also responsible to the future of our environment.

Elite’s experience in careful plan review and known costs will bring you creative ways to keep your home on budget.

Your conceptual plans represent a sizeable investment of your time and the architect’s talent.  However, since Elite assumes sole responsibility for the timely delivery of your home on budget, your plans will be carefully reviewed and evaluated to meet that budget.  With your architect’s consideration, cost-saving and budget-friendly recommendations are made before design reaches the critical stage of working construction documents.

Elite will partner with your architect to provide creative solutions and expertise in cost-effective quality construction to add value to your finished home



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